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MRO & Spare Parts Inventory Management Specialist

Since 2001 Phillip has advised:

  • 435 companies

  • in 33 countries

  • with +1,200 storerooms

  • holding $5.7bn of inventory

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Inventory Prevention, Management & Optimization Services, Tools and Resources


Why Should You Consider Our Services, Tools & Resources?

In short, because spare parts inventory management and optimization is a specialist area and we provide specialist services, tools and resources!


Generic supply chain tools and resources will not deliver the results you want with spare parts inventory management, because spare parts are different. For example, where else do companies purchase items that they hope not to use or sell?


With access to the right combination of spare parts management focused tools, techniques and resources you can achieve all your materials and spare parts management and optimization goals.


To give you peace of mind that these tools work please read our testimonials and case studies where you will see that Phillip Slater outperforms in-house resources by a factor of 3:1



What Services, Tools and Resources Do We Provide?


The center-piece of our intellectual property is the 7 Actions for Inventory Reduction. These actions form the basis of all our inventory optimization programs. In addition, we have developed a suite of tools that we employ to help you identify and then take action on the issues that you need to address to optimize your spare parts inventory and achieve your goals.



  • Snapshot Review: A Snapshot Review is a diagnostic review of your inventory management capability, accountability and systems that identifies where and how you need to improve in order to achieve your goals and then delivers a 'roadmap' on how to get there. Think of this as a 'health check' for your inventory management. Visit the consulting page for more information.

  • Inventory Reduction and Optimization: The objective of our inventory reduction and optimization programs is to optimize the current spare parts inventory levels while maintaining appropriate levels of service to operational activities. Our approach is to engage directly with your team in the application of  our Inventory Process Optimization™ Method.

  • Policy Development and Inventory Prevention: Our policy and procedure development service requires a combination of off-site and on-site activities.  When on-site we conduct a site review followed by a multi-day workshop in which we work with your team to develop, in parallel, up to 7 specific policies that cover the entire spare parts management life cycle. Visit the policy page for more information.

  • Training: we provide both in-person, online and blended training options, all aimed at developing the skills of your team and helping you to develop robust and rigorous inventory management. Visit the training page for more information.

Tools and Resources


Each of our tools is aimed at solving a specific problem and has been developed in response to specific client demand. Our 'tool kit' includes:




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How I Work

Based on a discussion of your needs, together we will determine the right mix of services, tools and resources to support you and your team in achieving your spare parts management goals.


While most of the above tools are only available as part of a consulting or training project, subscriptions and book purchases are available independently of other services.



What to Do Next

To find out which of our tools and resources are right for you contact me for more information. Depending upon your enquiry we can schedule a complimentary 30 minute Skype session.



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